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Small islands, like Prvic, were mostly uninhabited in the ancient times. Remains of only several Greek and Roman settlements were found, and only on larger islands. But it is hard to tell whether this is because the settlements were never there, or whether the remains were later scrapped for building material. Land is scarce on the islands, and new settlements were often built on top of older ones.
On the other hand, at other times, there were more inhabitants on the island than the island's agricultural capacities could support.
ulomci iz knjige "Sela Šibenskog kotara"
The first settlement of which there are both written evidence and physical remains was that of the monastic order of St Francis, who moved to the island in 1461. Here are a few excerpts from the book "Villages of Sibenik area" by father Krsto Stosic, 1941.
nadgrobna ploča Fausta Vrančića
The local church holds the grave of the famous inventor and nature scientist, Faust Vrančić. The iscription on the gravestone reads: Faustus Verantius - Ep.us Chanadiensis - Novarum Praedicamentorum Et Novarum - Machinarum Ae Fragmentorum - Historiae Illyricae Ae Sarmatiae - Collector - An. Dom. MDCXVII. Faust Vrancic died in Venice on January 20th, 1617. A chest containing his scripts and sketches was buried alongside him, but was unfortunately stolen by graverobbers in 1860. Upon discovering that the chest did not contain gold or other riches, the thief scattered the scripts across the village square. A great part of Faust's work was thus lost.

The island began to lose its population at the turn of the 20th century. The leaf rot that plagued the wineyards (an important source of the island's income) forced people to search for work, and many left for Australia and America. The world wars, and changes in the general way of life in the latter part of the century have slowed down any progress. The fortunate side of these unfortunate circumstances is that the island has preserved its old-Mediterranean peace and beauty.


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